PurMa™ 1M HEPES buffer, 500 ml

///PurMa™ 1M HEPES buffer, 500 ml

PurMa™ 1M HEPES buffer, 500 ml


Product Code: P5602-04
Size: 1 X 500 ml
Storage Condition: 15°C to 30°
Category: Biochemical Reagents



HEPES (4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid) buffer is a zwitterionic biological buffer and is one of Good’s buffers. HEPES is better at maintaining physiological pH in cell culture when compared to bicarbonate buffers despite the changes in carbon dioxide concentration. PurMabiologics HEPES buffer, with pH values ranging from 6.8 – 8.2, can be prepared at a wide variety of ratios, with 25 mM concentration being the most common for cell culture. This makes HEPES a more effective buffering agent for maintaining enzyme structure and function at low temperatures. PurMabiologics HEPES buffer is guaranteed to be RNase, DNase, protease and phosphatase free. Due to the sensitivity of this buffer to light exposure, it is strongly advised to keep HEPES-containing solutions in darkness as much as possible.

238 g/L HEPES in H2O


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